Être – to Be

The present tense of être is used so often in French, it is important that you get to know these phrases. to be = êtreI am = je suisyou are (singular) = tu eshe is = il estshe is = elle estit is = il est or elle estwe are = nous sommesyou are (plural) … Read more

The Cat in the Hat in French and English

What a great way for a beginning reader in French to practice reading! The famous Dr. Seuss classic The Cat in the Hat is available in a bilingual edition in English and French. If you are just beginning to learn to read in French, this book would be a fun addition to your library. Click … Read more

Il fait du soleil – It is sunny

Il fait du soleil. (eel feh du soh-LAY) = It is sunny. I love a bright sunny day in the winter! The air has a special blueness and crispness that doesn’t exist any other time of the year. It is like medicine to the Canadian soul! Quel temps fait-il? (kel tah fay-TEEL?) = What is … Read more