Vowel Sounds in French

French and English share some vowel sounds but others can be quite different. a (short a)sac (SAK) = bag a, â (ah)bas (BAH) = stockinggâteau (gah-TOH) = cakeé, ay, er, ez (long a)bébé (bay-BAY) = babypays (pay-EE) = countryparler (pahr-LAY) = to speaknez (NAY) = nose e (short u)le (LUH) = theme (MUH) = myselfrenard … Read more

The French Alphabet

The French language uses an alphabet that is identical to the English alphabet. The names of the letters and their sounds are not the same however! Compare the French letter names with their English counterparts. (Please note that the guides to pronunciation only give a rough idea of what things really sound like in French. … Read more