Les Transports

Les Transports Workpages – $9.95 CDN Make French unit studies easy with Nallenart’s Workpages series! Les Transports (lay trahz-POHR = transportation) is a resource book of reproducible worksheets with a theme of transportation and travel, the verb aller, etc. Puzzles, vocabulary, verb review, and more. Designed for classroom or homeschool use. 24 pages. Suitable for grades 3-8. … Read more

Bon Voyage 1: Les Transports

How do you get there from here? Use one of these ways of travelling: train = trainbateau = boatautocar = coach busavion = airplanevoiture = carhélicoptère = helicopterautomobile = carautobus = busdos d’éléphant = the back of an elephantvélo = bikebicyclette = bicyclepied = on footmotocyclette = motorcyclemotoneige = snowmobilecheval = horse Test yourself and … Read more